My personal recipe for an unforgettable trip.


-desire to discover and travel


– A friend out of mind as you are or even more;

-a bike (two pedals and a carrier are enough)

-a tend and a sleeping bag;

-a camp stove + a pan and cutlery;

– inhibition of decency and shame to ask in a bakery a piece of stale bread for free (the bakers usually gave us something because they felt sorry for us, especially in the last days of our trip);

-2 or 3 bottles to have always some water (VERY IMPORTANT!!!)

-cards, an instrument, books or whatever you want to fill the free time at the end of the day (I played harmonic even if I was terrible, and I tried to learn how to be a juggler, it was really fun and I used three little balls made by myself!);

Playing harmonic in Cecina
Playing harmonic in Cecinalarice

-sometimes allow oneself the luxury of something without thinking about the budget, in particular in those moments of extreme tiredness. (after a good kebab everything looks better!)

-fill up your eyes of wonderful landscapes;

-write a journal to describe to your friends left home the amazing experiences of you trip.

Preparation and cooking

1-Put in a big bowl the bike, the tend, the camp stove, the free time

 appennini  -Arezzo-
appennini -Arezzo-

accessories, the water, if you have a friend in the fridge put it inside too for flavoring and at the end add a lot of desire to discover and travel.

2- Mix everything until you obtain what you want (for everyone is different).

3- To avoid that decency and shame stuck grease the pan.

4- Put the pan on the street and let the mixture cooking for 28 days at 2000 °C.

5-after cooking stuff the trip with a lot of memory’s cream, you can make this cream mixing all the wonderful landscapes and unforgettable experiences.


PS. I know this kind of diet is pretty unhealthy during a bicycle trip, but I’m young and I adore to challenge myself!

The trip- 2000km-
The trip- 2000km-


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